Thank you so much for making me feel comfortable as a first time home buyer. It was a blessing to know that I had a knowledgeable individual walking through my new home checking for proper electrical, plumbing, and construction. I would recommend you to any individual looking to purchase a new home!
Michael was great and we really are thankful for his expertise. We used Sutter Home Services LLC for two home inspections and each time we were more than pleased. Michael’s home inspection is thorough and detailed and he is not afraid to “tell it like it is” – both the good and the bad, as well as answer any questions we had, as we walked with him throughout the entire house. We felt very comfortable relying on the information contained in his report (which was sent to us that night) to ensure that we made the right decision for our big investment. We highly recommend Sutter Home Services LLC for home inspections and know that we were in good hands during both inspections that we used him.
We really appreciate Michael for performing our home inspection. We picked Sutter Home Services LLC to do our inspection after we spoke to him on the phone and answered our questions quickly and decisively. He also picked up the phone call right away. We were more than pleased to see him get on the roof and go into the crawlspace, as he found an item that would have otherwise been left out of the report.
Thank you so much for making me feel comfortable during your inspection of my new home. Being a first time home buyer, I did not know what to expect. It was great to see you at the house before I showed up. You were able to point out things that I had no idea about. You also spent a long time going through every inch of the house, and at the end of the day saved me a few bucks. I would HIGHLY recommend Sutter Home Services LLC to anyone looking to purchase a new home.
Being a real estate agent, I see home inspectors of all types. Michael, is prompt to the inspection and very thorough in his reports. He knows how to talk to the client, which is very important in my eyes. I appreciate his same day reports, as I can move the process along without delay. Another thing that that sticks out to me is how well groomed and dressed he is for his appointments with my clients. He is a true professional and is exactly who you need to have before you make the biggest decision of your life, buying your new home. I recommend Michael to my clients!